All single women know this man. He’s the one whose description usually includes the statement “he’s one of my best friends.” And even though that may be true, he’s also one of those men who is tagged in the back of your mind as a potential mate…no matter how distant the possibility. He’s a “good man” and we know this because he truly is a close friend and because even in his most trifling times he doesn’t compare to some of the horror stories we’ve dated. In fact, when a SBF has a male BFF, we are able to see him for who he truly is because we know his shortcomings, most of the details of his past relationships, and his strong points. I know these things about my BFF because he’s been a staple in my life (and I’ve been one in his) for many years. If he’s in a relationship, I know about it and the girlfriends (though they may come and go) know me as one of his best friends. So, regardless of our personal attachment statuses, our communication pattern doesn’t change and I appreciate that. Like most of my close friends (male and female), we don’t live near each other and thus don’t get to spend much time together. However, because we’re close friends, there’s never a dull moment with us and he is one of my favorite people to hang out with.

So now, the question may be why my BFF is catalogued in this section. Well, when we first met we were both having a night on the town with friends. After a few dances and a brief convo, we exchanged numbers. A few months into this relationship, including many late night phone calls and a few weekends together, we were more like friends than romantic companions. Not too long thereafter, we both had significant others but our friendship continued to grow. There are so many more details because there have been so many years and good times, but I’ll just say that many years later, we still keep up with one another.  So, here’s to a girl’s best friend!


Now what you think about that?

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