The Men

I toyed with calling this page “My Men” rather than “The Men”, but indicating ownership over men who are clearly not mine (thus my SBF title) seemed wrong. And here’s the thing…they may not be mine, but there are some who I truly enjoy. The posts in this section have descriptions of “the men” so that you can better understand all the juicy and not-so-juicy details of my posts.

Are they really single? As far as I know, yes.

Are they Black? Again, yes. I have not yet reached the enlightened place of dating outside my race that is often suggested to SBFs (see the ‘SBF in the News’ section to the right examples of this); thus, the men I’m most attracted to, who I pursue, and whom are in pursuit of me…are all Black.

Are they men? Most definitely.

Below is a list of names/nicknames that are near and dear to me. Each of them respresents either a special SBM in my dating life or a group of SBMs who fit a certain description, and is linked to the story of my relationship with him.


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