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The Official 2012 Recap

Even though my posts have been non-existent the past few months, I’m going to continue this tradition of closing out the year with a recap and a resolution. I began 2012 be resolving: In 2012, I will not entertain advances from men who are emotionally unavailable…and I vow to guard my heart above all else. I’m proud to report that I accomplished that goal. The unfortunate (depending on your view on these topics) part is that I accomplished it by strapping on an imaginary chastity belt, avoiding communication with previous offenders, and pretty much becoming a social recluse. That stated, I would also like to announce that this behavior just won’t work in the long run and it shan’t accompany me into the new year.

So…here goes nothing: [hand over heart] In 2013, I will continue to guard my heart, especially in the presence of emotionally unavailable men, but I will actively date and engage in the pursuit of relationship happiness.

I will likely begin 2013 with blogs of all the tomfoolery I neglected to write about as this year progressed, including my tactics for maintaining the 2012 resolution; my jaunt into online “dating”; and my calculated, yet unintentional, sexless streak that turned into a celibacy vow (recently broken).


2012 and Beyond

I had to dig back in the SBF Chronicle archives to see how this blog began just over a year ago. It began with one posting that recapped my experiences with dating in 2010 and one that gave a 2011 relationship resolution. Since this is my extremely overdue first post of the year, I figure that I should start the same way.

Last year’s recap and resolution noted that I’d had a year of ineligible men. Reasons for ineligibility ranged from age (too young to too old) to personality flaws (clinginess, lying, etc.) to unavailable (married, etc.).Those reasons led to a relationship resolution to avoid men who were in any way romantically attached to another woman. Well, if you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you know that I had mixed success with that effort. So, I’ve decided to revise that resolution for 2012.

[places right hand over heart] In 2012, I will not entertain advances from men who are emotionally unavailable…and I vow to guard my heart above all else.

I just hope that I can remind myself of this resolution when I’m in the thick of the year and presented with the opportunity to spend too much time hanging out with some cutie pie who is semi-attached to another woman. So, I’m off to a new(ish) year with new(ish) marching orders and a renewed commitment to avoiding dead-end situations. Hopefully this will lead to new and worthwhile stories to share.


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The 2011 Relationship Resolution


This year, I will not tolerate or entertain advances from men who are in any way attached to another woman (mama’s boys accepted). No husbands. No boyfriends. No fiancés. No estranged spouses. No almost boyfriends/complicated relationships. And possibly no recent divorcees. I don’t know if I can stick to that last one, but the rest of those titles are big red flags for 2011.

The hardest part about keeping this resolution will be the fact that none of the men I’ve ever dated who held any of the above titles (husband, boyfriend, fiancé, estranged spouse, almost boyfriend, ex-husband) have EVER offered this information up front. Thus, keeping this resolution means (1) keeping a bit of skepticism in mind every time I meet someone new or even grow closer to someone old, and (2) taking my time and using my resources to collect the information I truly need/want to have. Let’s see how this goes!

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