Welcome to the SBF Chronicle!

This a site written by a SBF (single black female) about experiences with dating, relationships, and the often treacherous path between those two things. You may not have felt the difference, but as soon as you navigated to this site, you entered a no judgement zone. Feel free to critique, disagree, affirm, and evaluate the words, thoughts, and stories you find on these pages…but if you find yourself judging, please resist the urge to comment/cast stones.

Every once in a while, there are some guest entries in the blog section from other SBFs on this journey towards marriage, partnership, shacking up, or whatever is your idea of swoon-worthy relationship bliss. So ladies, if you’ve got stories to tell, I’ve got judgement-free space where you can tell them. Hit me up at


Now what you think about that?

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