Overheard Randomosity

03 Oct

Sooooo, I was in the airport the other day. As I tend to do, I walked into a jewelry/accessory/gift shop. I was the only customer in the store, and the attendant was pottering around on the the store’s cordless phone. As I began to browse, she called out “Welcome to our store.” from across the (small) shop. I thanked her and continued to browse. Robin Thicke’s “Complicated” was playing over the store’s speakers as I heard the next words out of her mouth: “Our love making session last night was…[imagine a silence just long enough for the person on the other end to fill in the next word]…EXACTLY!”

Startled by her nonchalant broadcast, I turned around slightly to notice that she was completely engrossed in her phone conversation, and clearly unconcerned that I as in earshot. In the next 7 minutes of my browsing/eavesdropping, I learned the name of her girlfriend with whom she was chatting, that she’s putting out more than she was at the beginning of this relationship, that the “relationship” title is still new to her and “him”, that they see each other almost daily, and other small anecdotes about the relationship. As I listened, I found myself evaluating her relationship with this man and tottering back and forth between thinking their relationship was on the rocks and thinking it was pure romantic bliss. It’s funny how one’s choice in adjectives and the inflections in their voice can give you that impression.

Anyhoo, this is post really has no point. The privately public announcement of this woman’s “love making session” just had a lot of shock value for me…and I wanted to share. So there. I’ve shared.

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