Lying by Omission

01 Feb

The dictionary says that a lie is a false statement or one that is intended to deceive or convey something other than the truth. Thus, we need to extend our definition of lying. A good girlfriend of mine always says that “lying by omission is still lying and men often neglect to acknowledge that fact.” I think it’s more than just men that don’t acknowledge this sometimes, but this site is about being a single, black female. Thus, we’re going to dwell on the men for a while.

I could give you a few examples of men who lie by omission from the dating lives of some of my girlfriends, and indeed from my own. But instead, I’ll turn now to an old episode of The Game (Season 1, Episode 20 to be exact) in which Melanie and Derwin attend Drew Sidora’s album release party. Drew learns that Derwin, who has been mutually flirtatious with her, has a fiancé. Melanie, Derwin’s fiancé, learns that Derwin and Drew have shared a hot and heavy kiss that will be broadcast to the world over and over in Drew’s new music video. Both women are immediately heated and upset with Derwin when they individually learned this news. His defense: I didn’t lie.

Well this is where we get into the many different ways to lie. Sometimes people lie by stating false facts and sometimes they lie by not stating important facts. And, I guess that lying by omission is the reason why I’ve developed the list of ‘right questions’ to ask when meeting new men.

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