Hmmm…do I really like him *that* much?

29 Jan

So, here’s the situation: My old homey-lover-friend (HML) wants to come to town to visit me.

Here’s the dilemma: I have a tendency to keep my private life (read: relationships) private. My immediate family knows him and they know I spend time with him when I’m home for the holidays or to visit…but the people who I interact with on a day-to-day basis, for the most part, have no idea about him. I don’t really share my relationships with these people, and they don’t share their relationships with me. I actually would like to keep my life this way. If HML comes to visit though, they’ll definitely know about him. It’s impossible for us to stay hidden away on the weekend he wants to come visit.

Here’s the up side: I really do like him. I enjoy spending time with him. He makes me laugh. He actually calls to check in on me and let me know that he’s thinking of me throughout the week. Coming to visit is his idea, he has asked about it more than once, and he’s okay knowing that weekend he wants to come visit will be very public for the two of us. And the icing on the cake…the man wants to cook dinner for me while he’s in town. To quote my high school boyfriend, “One thing I know about you is that the way to your heart is through your stomach. All I have to do is bring you food.”

Here’s the down side: I don’t want people in my business! And I don’t live alone. I’ve spent 2.5 years at this point keeping my private life as quiet as possible from my roommates. Even though I know they don’t really care, I don’t want that to go down the drain.

The reality of this is that I know I’m trying to have too much control over a situation. Either I want to spend time with HML or  I don’t. And I do. So, guess who’s cooking dinner…

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