06 Jan

Reflecting on the dates–actualized and prospective–that I’ve had in the past year, I realize that 2010 was a year of the ineligibile man. I began the year as a magnet for men who wanted to turn me into a cougar (I attracted 5 men 21 to 22-years of age back-to-back before I broke out of that cycle), moved on to men who were too much my senior (the oldest being 26-years older), went through a stint of only attracting men with wives who they never mentioned, and ended the year by attracting men with excess baggage (3 in the last two weeks of December). Geez! It was a rough year, relationally. I am prayerful that 2011 will bring some openly-welcomed change to my dating profile. Either way, this site offers you a front-seat, passenger-side view of what it’s like to be young, single, Black, professional, and female on the dating scene.

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